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The Kuumba Performers


Celebrate African Culture & History!


Sistah Mafalda
 The Kuumba Performers

 ranging in age from 5 years to 18 this drum and dance ensemble welcomes youth and adults to join them as they celebrate kuumba (creativity)! Youth are encouraged to discover and express their individual gifts, talents and abilities as they preserve the heritage of African-American and Caribbean culture within our multi-ethnic society.




Kuumba means "to create or creativity" in the African language of Swahili. It is celebrated as the sixth principle during the African-American cultural holiday of Kwanzaa.

Founded in 1994 the group was formed to fulfill a great need for cultural enrichment through the performing arts by involving youths of various ages, backgrounds and communities.

  Kuumba Performers express freedom through their creativity.

They project the emotions and struggles of Africans as well as the love and pride of African-American heritage.

As a result of the African diaspora, they are learning and experiencing a connection to humankind while performing traditional dances, drumming and songs, throughout their community and the world.


In performances, they encourage audiences to participate in dancing, songs and playing instruments! In workshops students learn about the history and social impact of dance tradtitions.


A favorite routine is the Bele' Dance of Trinidad & Tobago and St. Marteen, which connects the African, French, Spanish, English and Dutch influences in Caribbean Folk dance & costume traditions. 


A unique and talented group, "The Kuumba Performers" move forward in positive energy as they share with young and old, the love and pride of Africa, Caribbean and American culture in performances, workshops, schools, assemblies, festivals and special events.