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Sistah Mafalda


Latest News!

Sistah Mafalda is awarded a 2016-15 fellow from the Jubilation Foundation for her work with children in drum & dance throughout the Philadelphia area.

Read all about it here: Jubilation Awardee


LEEWAY FOUNDATION of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

awarded Sistah Mafalda with the 2013 Art and Change Grant

"Sistah Mafalda's project highlights one of the greatest challenges that affect thousands of people today - the lack of access to clean water. She and the projects participants created a multidisciplinary performance to tell the story of the water crisis in Africa through a blend of traditional style dance and new media technology.
She hopes that this project will raise consciousness and promote dialogue around the state of water conditions worldwide."

~ Her Story ~

        MAFALDA T. BOUZY was raised in Queens, New York, where as a youth she discovered a natural talent for dance. She went on to study African drum and Dance with IBEJI, a Philadelphia based troupe and also with numerous master drummers and dancers.

     Sistah Mafalda is the founder, instructor, lead dancer, master drummer and business manager of Kuumba Performers, an Afro-American-Caribbean drum & dance troupe. The group has performed for diverse audiences in the US and Canada. 

She is motivated to teach and share by her love for youth of all ages. She is dedicated

to preserving and introducing African history through rhythm and dance, to a new generation. 

In 1999, Sistah Mafalda was awarded a generous grant from the Pennsylvania Council of the Arts Preserving Diverse Cultures in Dance.

"Many people in America are not aware of the influences that Africa has on many cultures. It is my dream to bridge the cultural gap in educational and multicultural settings." 
 Sistah Mafalda shares on her mission.  


     In 2000, Sistah Mafalda, and lead drummer, Dom Thomas studied intense drum with Master Drummers, and dance in Senegal and Mali, West Africa with the National Ballet of Mali in Dakar. She danced in concert with world music artists Baba Maal and Massamba Diop.

 Mafalda! has performed and facilitated workshops in Mali and Senegal in Africa, Bahia, Brazil, Trinidad & Tobago, and St. Marten in the Caribbean.


  February 2001, Sistah Mafalda traveled to Bahia, Brazil for dance study and collaborations with several masters in her field and Afro-Brazilian groups Ey La Ey Lay and Olodoune.


   May 2001 found her in Trinidad & Tobago where she began her research and training of folk dance traditions of enslaved Africans on the sugar cane plantations, dances of emancipation and rebellion, collaborating with dancers of the Tobago Heritage Committee, she trained as a stilt walker, known as " Moko Jumbie" a traditional carnival character.  

   In 2002, a grant was awarded from the Institute for Cultural Partnerships for dance 

research project in St. Martin as part of the Netherlands, Antilles study, a pilot project and collaboration with the President of "Raices Culturales", a Latino American Organization based in Philadelphia. Mafalda and her grou "Kuumba Performers" is a member of the Raices coalition since 2001.


    March of 2003 found Mafalda being selected as the United States "Ambassador" to France through the Professional Exchange program of International Rotary Club of Jamaica, NY.  She toured as a Dance Professional and collaborated with several Ballet Companies, Madam Mary Ann DeLuce and contemporary groups "Musique & Danse" of Lorriane, and Patrick Chauvelot of "Amnesia."  The tour was so successful that both companies offered her a contract to return to France in January 2004 to offer

her dance expertise in their multidisciplinary technique training for the Musical Spectacular production "2057."

    September 2004 Sistah Mafalda returned to Dakar, Senegal for a dance exchange project on the island of Goree with Ndeye Fatou Faye.


    October 2004 Sistah Mafalda was commissioned to perform in the Caribbean nation of St. Martin for two events celebrating the Coronation of Haile Selassi where she opened for International Poet, Mutabaruka of Jamaica and collaborated with well known dancer Clara Reyes of St. Marten and her dance company.


    Throughout 2001 to 2005 Sistah Mafalda facilitated drum and dance study, training, education, Music & Dance Therapy, with hands on experience and performance opportunities for students s an Dance Instructor In Residence for Villanova University (Honor's Program), and Cheney University, Pennsylvania.


    Sistah Mafalda makes the art of dance, drumming & storytelling accessible to individuals with disabilities at Devereaux Foundation, and for seniors as an teaching and performing artist with Artreach, Inc.  She is a beloved Ballroom Dancing Instructor for several schools in the Philadelphia area.

    Sistah Mafalda is a regular featured performer and was awarded a Life Time Achievement Award as an performing artist by The Annual Caribbean Festival of Philadelphia. She also lends her talents and expertise to the Coatesville Recreation Summer Camp and a host of other Community/Youth Organizations and schools.


Contact : Sistah Mafalda

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